Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A quick video tour of Web 2.0 in Action

I recently created this video for a presentation I am giving about how I use Web 2.0 tools in action. The video was created using Camtasia studio, a slightly costly but completely worthwhile screenshot and video editing program. Camtasia allows you to take "video" of whatever is happening on your screen along with your narration. Once you have taken your video, Camtasia has a full suite of effects and editing tools that are as simple to use as being able to read. I was able to shorten clips, add and edit music, insert text boxes, and do a whole host of other things that you will not even notice.

Beyond making this little video, I have been using Camtasia to create a series of videos for my students to allow them to learn material without my assistance outside of the classroom setting, what is known as "flipping the class". While the jury is still out on the flipped approach in general, it definitely worked in the limited way that I have employed it thus far.

Any feedback on this video is welcome and encouraged.

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